BTL support


As an umbrella agency to Wiener Einkaufsstraßen Management, which provides services to Vienna's retailers, our tasks ranged from classic promotional campaigns through to assistance with the organization of the great Wiener Einkaufsstraßen Festival.

Four times a year, we acquire sponsors and goods for sampling, which are given out to shoppers all over Vienna by 80 promoters on 40 shopping streets at the same time. Each time, 1,500 shops take part in the campaign and receive a package of the sponsored goods for independent distribution in store. The aim is to draw shoppers away from the malls and back to the shopping streets, and to give a "face" to the umbrella brand through the use of a large pool of promoters. 

At seven Viennese markets, sample distribution, market festivals and special campaigns such as specialty weeks were implemented.

The support and enrichment of around 50 shopping streets and seven markets, as well as the development of a sponsor pool with internationally renowned partners such as Mondelez, Mars and Lindt were among the successes that we were able to notch up during our collaboration with the client. On top of this, we achieved more than 300,000 direct contacts with passers-by during the year and a publicity value of the media package amounting to approximately 60,000 euros.