In June 2009, Actimel underwent a relaunch, with new packaging sizes introduced. Our task, on the one hand, was to communicate the new Actimel packaging sizes in a way that was appealing and striking, but also to highlight the fact that 70% of the body's defenses are found in the belly. 

The aim was the implementation of an attention-grabbing street promotion with samples given out, an online application and editorial-style reporting to go along with it.

"Bussi aufs Bauchi" - literally "a little kiss on the belly" - is a typical Austrian expression that became the guiding theme of the campaign. In order to draw attention to digestive health, a pantomime troop was sent through the capital cities of the federal states. With no words, and armed merely with eye-catching costumes and Actimel, the artists raised awareness. During the campaign, participants could send a self-made "Bussi aufs Bauchi" online.

With our "Bussi aufs Bauchi" promotion, we generated huge media resonance (including with the kick-off at Café Puls) and almost 50,000 euros of advertising value. We gave out more than 50,000 small bottles of Actimel, and acquired almost 14,000 contacts on the home page and more than 150,000 in person.

Danone Actimel Promotion On top of this, we were recognized not once, but twice in the Austrian Promotion Awards 2010: We received Bronze in the categories "Best use of classic media for communication of a promotion" and "Best integrated BTL campaign".