Exhibition appearance

Paris Motorshow 2016

For the Opel exhibition stand at the Mondial l'Automobile in Paris, our team at VITAMIN E faced a particular challenge. Inspired by the 'Repark in Your Head' campaign, our specialists in spatial communication wanted to design something never seen before in the context of an automotive exhibition, which would express the boldness of the brand in treading new ground.

For the extraordinary and multiple prize-winning appearance by the brand at the world's most visited automotive exhibition, the team deliberately avoided the stand design that is otherwise ubiquitous at automotive fairs. Instead, with the perspectival shadow theater, one of the oldest storytelling techniques was applied. The break marked the beginning of a new era - the democratization of e-mobility - that Opel is ushering in with the broad appeal of the Ampera-e electric vehicle. 

The stand design makes this new era tangible to all. In order to convey the technological content emotionally and engagingly, an artistic, humorous visual language was chosen. Visitors immediately become part of the new world.