Live Communication

Olympus Photography Playground

The task was to bring the Olympus camera OM-D closer to the creative-class target group in an emotional way.

To this end, VITAMIN E created an event at which 12 international artists transformed 7,000 square meters of the Opernwerkstätten in Berlin into a fascinating experiment: the interactive exhibition "Raum und Kunst" ("Space and Art"). 
This "Photography Playground" was designated as such in the sense that it was an experiment of realities to be discovered through the eye of the camera. 
Within the 360° campaign, consisting of live (exhibition, workshops, promotions), PR (broadcasts, press events), online (microsite, blogs, Facebook) and classic elements (image campaign), the Playground functioned as a central, content-creating "big-bang" event generating a huge impact.

Until now, our experts in spatial communication have realized a total of more than 12 "playgrounds" for photography. The Photography Playground project has already welcomed more than 300,000 visitors in Germany, France, the Netherlands, Austria and Switzerland, and notched up 13 national and international accolades. 

On top of this, the exhibition concept of the Photography Playground was expanded to include the full breadth of the optical products from Olympus. The Perspective Playground that emerged from this continues the success of its predecessor to an equal extent.