Family event


The Milka Chocolate Festival is one of Europe's biggest family festivals. Since 2010, we have been a full service partner, organizing the public event for more than 30,000 guests each year from all over Europe. The aim is to set new benchmarks, appeal to young and old, correspond to the brand world, create lasting engagement with the brand and offer an unforgettable program.

On July 6, 2013, we bathed the picturesque little town of Bludenz in Vorarlberg entirely in lilac - the fourth time we had done so. The chocolate festival was reinvented as the "Schokofest-ival - echt spektaku(h)lär" to incorporate a German play on words, and aimed to activate further target groups. Our tasks included: Production planning, staff management, townscape planning, logistics, VIP management and much more.

With 33,000 visitors, this "festival" became the most successful Schokofest ever. With a total of 90 members of staff we managed 50 game stations and 20 special stations, gave away samples in the form of 140,000 Milka Naps and 5,300 chocolate bars, and achieved an advertising value of 70,000 euros in the follow-up reporting alone. "pi-five (note: now VERTIKOM Sales) succeeded in designing a unique event. With countless new and exciting game stations, a great band and a magnificent day, we were able to reach more than 33,000 visitors with the Schokofest - more than ever before." Vijoleta Bajic, Mondelez Austria – International Sponsoring & Event Marketing