The new Mercedes-Benz E-class was to be presented to a select group of customers, to the exclusion of the press, in advance of the European premiere in Geneva. The E-class embodies highlights not only in terms of design, comfort and safety, but, most significantly, with regard to revolutionary technological innovation - an important aspect in the strategy and storytelling of this event. The focus of the event was on the unveiling and presentation of the W213 in a way that was intelligent, technologically slick and out of the ordinary. 

For this presentation, we defined a total of four pillars: the architecture of the stage set, the video content, the musical accompaniment and the mechanical action that would move the vehicle onto the stage. This was achieved with a transport box, which was lifted onto the stage using a ten-ton telescopic forklift. 

For the moment of presentation, we integrated an orchestra of 25 people into the stage set, which played a specially composed piece that combined classical and electronic styles. Another highlight was the appearance of the Mercedes-Benz testimonial figure Niki Lauda.