Coca-Cola and Christmas simply belong together. This is why we were commissioned with the new edition of the legendary Coke Christmas truck - with new programming and the greatest possible breadth of impact, as well as a high degree of activation. The basic idea was a tour featuring Santa Claus on the truck, which was kitted out as a "mobile wishes workshop".

The Coca-Cola truck was an eagerly awaited part of the pre-Christmas program in 22 municipalities. The delighted visitors, who numbered over 100,000, were offered a magical experience: musical acts, meeting Santa Claus, Christmas wishes letterboxes, present factory, stories, an arts and crafts station and a photo corner. 

A retail promotion running in parallel featured a prize draw for an exclusive visit from the truck, and companies were able to bid for a truck visit, with all profits going to the charity SOS Kinderdörfern.