Green Event


The year 2013 saw the BIG's first GREEN EVENT, and thus one of the first in the real estate industry as a whole. For the client, it was important that the original "BIG Cocktail Reception" event was given a new name. An extensive script had to be developed.

With this project, we proved that a corporate event can also be a successful green event without falling short in any way. From beginning to end, the company was represented in the atmosphere, aesthetics and the feel of the event. Four hundred guests enjoyed a perfect evening with a varied program. 

Under the aspect of the three service pillars of the Bundesimmobiliengesellschaft, the tasks of the BIG were clarified for the guests. For this purpose, a specially written story created the perfect sequence - with storytelling a major focus. 

The highlight of the evening, alongside the large multi-touch information desk and multimedia information screen, was an image exhibition in the gallery showing the most important buildings of the BIG. 

The event was awarded GOLD at the Austrian Event Award 2014 in the category "Green Events Special Prize".