Austrian Event Award 2011

"Public Events Charity/Social/Cultural" category: GOLD

Client: Initiative Darm+ 

Partner: leisure communication

Project: CED action day

An information day for a little-known disease that was important as an event, yet unspectacular with it, was given an attention-grabbing element with the unusual "Toilet Grand Prix".

Ultimately sixteen celebrities took part in the first ever Vienna toilet race on motorized ceramic toilet bowls. The action day was topped off with specialist discussions on the stage, information stands run by patient organizations and special rooms for individual discussions and consultations with medical specialists.

With this unconventional event, we were able to shift an information day, which would usually have gained attention only in a few specialist journals, out of the shadows, and to use wide-reaching media to convey a little-discussed taboo topic to the biggest risk group, namely young people under 40.