AFSP Award 2009

"Most Effective Promotion" BRONZE

Client: British American Tobacco Austria GmbH

Project: Pall Mall Rural Boost   

To ensure the notable presence of Pall Mall in rural gastronomy, we developed a model that functioned according to the push-and-pull principle.

A ten-person field service team supported 1,500 tobacconists and more than 1,000 gastronomy outlets in a very tight time frame. The task was to establish a demand from restaurateur to tobacconist and thus to increase direct purchases. To this end, high-quality Pall Mall displays and materials were set up in the tobacconist stores, and the gastronomy outlets were given decorations and consumables such as matches.

The project was a resounding success - all the field sales staff met their quantitative targets and allayed skepticism and mistrust through their personal support.